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I always get scared when my starts dreaming and makes those short howl like sounds. Especially now that it’s so quiet.

Good dear
Having my second alone in the kitchen, others are still sleeping. I like these quiet moments where I can think things in peace. I hope all you can also have some quiet today

Canonical extends Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS support to 10 years!

These news elevate Ubuntu to even more enterprise-friendly Linux distribution. LTS= Long Term Support.

Businesses care about stability; the latest and greatest features not so much.

They care about once something is set up and working that it keeps working for as long as possible.

Smart, Canonical, now that Winblows 10 just keeps destroying itself.

#Ubuntu #Canonical #LTS #Linux #10yearsupport

Perks of working from home.
During the meeting, dog snores so loudly nearby. Luckily I didn't have to talk so much :-)

I think it’s time to go to work *takes 10 steps to living room

It’s 7.50 and I’m having my second batch of already.

Rebooted my again. Now setting up basic apps like and
In order to get my keepass db, I need client. My password for nextcloud is generated with so need to setup that also. After these I have usable PC like Android setup in my bedroom with 40” Sony Bravia.

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This the info from my first server setup. I was surprised how short time I have been here, even though I have met so many wonderful people. It feels like I have known you forever. Let’s keep the nice place also in the future.

Not so good week at work, trying to relax as much as possible. We have weekend in so going to visit my parents and waiting those huge gifts from kids.

Classification: Important, Solution: Mitigation, Exploit: Unknown
Solid State Disks (SSDs) often implement hardware full-disk encryption
in a way known as Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs). Several
implementations of SEDs have been analysed by reverse engineering
their firmware. Many have security vulnerabilities that allow for full
recovery of the data without knowledge of any secret when you have
physical access to the drive
#^Radboud University researchers discover security flaws in widely used data storage devices

Researchers at Radboud University in the Netherlands have discovered that widely used data storage devices with self-encrypting drives do not provide the expected level of data protection.

I encountered nice mobile app design fail. It didn't accept my email because my domain has more than 3 letters in the last part. Some apps haven't learn about new TLDs.

This Sunday morning I’m watching some hacks. There are some really nice ones.
Maybe I can somehow mix this with my
Sometimes my imagination is not that great

Brand new, coming to Nextcloud: two-factor auth via Nextcloud Notifications!
Use an existing, logged in device, to approve logging into another. No more entering codes in a short time or waiting for a SMS to arrive!

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